Wiltshire PartyBake Big Cupcake Pan 2 Cup 17.5x8cm

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Tired of small muffins and cupcakes that only leave you 90% full?  Well now you can truly gorge yourself on decadent deliciosity with the Wiltshire Partybake Big Cupcake Pan. This innovative pan from Wiltshire is non-stick,  with two moulds that produce one giant cupcake. The moulds are sized and designed for even baking.Spread cream, jam or frosting between the two halves, frost the top and you'll be in homebaked heaven!

Key Features:

  • Fits two regular cake mixes.
  • Approx large cupcake size: 17.5cm width, 8cm deep.
  • 0.4mm gauge thickness.
  • Non-stick for easy removal and cleaning.


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