Wiltshire Eco Non-Slip Wheat Fibre Board

Size: Small 24 x 15 x 1cm #49084
Sale price$10.00


Want to reduce your carbon footprint? The Eco Boards range is here to deliver a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly range of kitchenware to help you do just that. The board is made from a plant-based component which means less plastic. And the combination of material and production process means a reduced carbon footprint. From peeling and whisking to chopping and serving, the Eco Tools range includes all your kitchen must-haves. They’re good for the environment and great for your home. Meet our Eco kitchenware range. This board is made with 25% wheat fibre which means less plastic is used in the board.

This small board is ideal for:

  • travel and picnics
  • quick snack prep
  • kid-sized for when they want to help cook

Key Features:

  • Made with 25% wheat fibre for less plastic
  • Non-slip, gripping rubber outer rim
  • Sloping surface catches liquids for less mess
  • Dishwasher safe

Usage and Care:

  • For more free time, your chopping board is dishwasher safe. For that extra sparkle, we recommend hand wash in warm soapy water & dry thoroughly.

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