Wiltshire EasyBake Cooling Rack 41x25cm

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Ready to take your freshly baked loaf out of the oven? Let the 41cm x 25cm Wiltshire Easybake Cooling Rack hold the hot pan for you as the aroma of homemade bread fills your kitchen. This small-grid metal rack keeps your bakes elevated to allow airflow, so your bread cools faster without its bottom turning soggy. With the Wiltshire Easybake Cooling Rack, your artisan breads will always have that crisp outer crust that everyone loves.

Key Features:

  • Made of heavy-duty, non-stick metal that holds your hot baking tins and pans while cooling
  • Comes with four feet to keep the rack elevated and allow proper air circulation
  • Features a closely woven grid to prevent smaller bakes from falling through and keep the bottom of your loaves or cakes flat
  • Versatile rack that is also ideal for holding your donuts, petit fours, and pastries for glazing
  • Equip your kitchen with other bakeware from the Wiltshire Easybake range


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