Typhoon Living Utensil Holder Cream

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Giving your flavourful sauce a quick stir is easier when you have your favourite wooden spoons neatly stored in the Typhoon Living Utensil Holder. Keep this handy canister near your stovetop so you can easily find the right tool for frying or sauteing. Save time when cooking and keep your kitchen in order with this stylish Typhoon Living organiser.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight yet durable tinware that keeps your cooking utensils in order
  • Organises your countertop and gives you extra drawer space
  • Makes small kitchen utensils easy to find and within reach
  • Seamless construction in cream and silver-coloured label make the utensil pot a stylish yet functional accent on your countertop
  • Fill your counter with other matching storage pieces from the Typhoon Living Cream collection


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