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Sear your chops or reduce the sauce with the first induction-compatible 28cm Scanpan TechnIQ Square pan. This roaster comes with an aluminium body lined with the improved Stratanium+, so you can roast or bake with exceptional results without the time-consuming clean-up. Its generous 4.7L capacity also makes it a kitchen essential for preparing one-pan meals for sharing. Made in Denmark and designed by professional chefs, the 28cm Scanpan TechnIQ Square pan is crafted to make cooking easy, quick, and efficient.

Key Features:

  • First induction-compatible roaster for baking, frying, or searing, with high walls to prevent dishes from spilling over
  • Made with Scanpan's PFOA-free, commercial-grade Stratanium+—a unique coating that brings together exceptional non-stick, wear resistance, and frying properties in one cookware
  • Developed with professional chefs to design a pan with a specialised shape and size to achieve commercial cooking results
  • Body is made of 100% recycled aluminium, a material that is considerably more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Squeeze-casting technique creates a pan that does not warp, guarantees fast and even heat distribution, and allows low energy consumption
  • Allows superior searing results even with little or no oil added to the pan
  • Suitable for cooking in the oven up to 260C and on all stovetops

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