Scanpan Spectrum Mouse Sharpener

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Color: Blue #19065
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Enjoy the benefits of sharp knives everyday with the clever Mouse Sharpener sitting at the ready on your kitchen bench. Constructed with tungsten and ceramic stones to sharpen and hone, you can keep a keen edge on all knives including most household knives. Ergonomically designed in Denmark, the Mouse features a blade safety guard while the renowned Scanpan soft touch technology offers a secure grip. Available in a comprehensive range of colours to suit any kitchen decor, keep one in the fishing kit, another in the caravan and treat a friend to a quality gift.

Key Features:

  • Tungsten sharpening to regenerate the knife blade
  • Ceramic sharpening hones the edge for everyday use
  • Blade safety guard
  • Ergonomic and soft touch technology handle designed for secure grip
  • Genuine Danish design
  • Sharpener can be used on most household knives

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