Scanpan Classic Cook's Knife 20cm

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In every household including yours, the most used and treasured everyday knife in the kitchen would be a versatile Cooks Knife. Your go-to essential, the perfectly balanced Scanpan Classic Cooks Knife will be your razor sharp favourite for cubing meat, slicing, portioning and of course carving. The improved grip and bolster are perfectly balanced and the back of the blade is cleverly rounded, making it more comfortable for your finger to rest on as you work. Clever cooks let the knife do much of the work for them.

Key Features:

  • Made of German stainless steel of the finest quality for optimum strength and durability
  • All-around kitchen essential for slicing meat, chopping produce, and mincing herbs
  • Crafted to meet Rockwell test standards and tempered with a hardness scale of HRC 56 to 57
  • Comes with a hairline finish taper ground cutting edge for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Weighted and balanced blades designed with trilobal handles, rounded back, and ergonomic bolster for superior grip and hand comfort
  • Equip your kitchen with other individual knives or sets from the Scanpan Classic Knife range


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