Prepara Herb Savor 3 Pack

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The Prepara Herb-Savor Pod 2.0 triples the life of your fresh herbs. Our BPA-free containers are designed to prolong the life of your fresh herbs while being easy to use and fit into any fridge door. The advantage of our design is the clear windowed, hard shell which protects leaves from being crushed by other items in the fridge and they let you see what's inside while letting them breathe at optimum hydration levels. Now that's better than wrapping them in a damp cloth. The Herb Savor will prolong the life of fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks.

Key Features:

  • Triples the life of fresh herbs
  • Stores easily in the refrigerator door
  • Has a hinged door for easy access
  • Pouring spout for refreshing the water reservoir
  • Constructed from BPA free plastic

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