Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Spoon Rest

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When you're busy cooking the perfect spaghetti sauce, save on cleanup time by laying the Mason Cash Spoon Rest near the stovetop, ready to hold your stirring spoon for you. With this earthenware on standby, you won't have to have drips of red sauce all over your counter. And with your spoon resting on this holder, you can always use the same spoon whenever your simmering sauce needs a good stir.

Key Features:

  • Durable and chip-resistant glazed earthenware spoon rest with handy measurement guide printed on the surface
  • Shaped to cradle your wooden spoons and cooking utensils
  • Keeps your counter and tables free from messy drips and smears
  • Also works as a coffee spoon rest or tea bag holder
  • Neutral colour suits any kitchen countertop or table setting


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