Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Jar Clear Glass

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Size: 350ml #02209
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Brought home too many berries from your last fruit-picking trip? Cook them into delicious fruit jams for pancakes or toasts and store them in the 350ml Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Jar. With its innovative two-piece lid, you can easily pack your homemade treats in a vacuum seal to keep them fresh longer. And by tying a simple ribbon and gift tag around its neck, the Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Jar easily doubles as a reusable gift container so you can share your sweet berry jam with your lucky neighbor next door.

Key Features:

  • Includes a clear glass jar and a two-piece metal lid that lets you seal its contents in a vacuum
  • Designed with a wide-mouth opening for easy filling and preserving large cuts of fruits or vegetables
  • Features handy volume indicators embossed on the side of the jar
  • Ideal for making fruit preserves, jams, pickled vegetables, and more
  • Reusable storage jar that is also perfect for giving out your delicious homemade food gifts

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