Edge Master Professional Combination Whetstone

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Style: 240/1000 Grit #00760
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Edge Master Waterstones is the ideal choice for beginners or professionals seeking an economical sharpening stone for use on knives and tools.

Instructions: Submerge the Waterstone in water for approximately 5 mins before use. Mount stone in the rubber base was supplied and place on a non-slip surface. NOTE: Always keep the surface of the stone wet while sharpening.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions 210 X 70 X 28 mm 
  • 1 X 240/1000 Grit Corundum Combination Stone. 240 grit side for knives that have damaged edges. 1000 grit side is for general sharpening and re-sharpening. 
  • 1 X Diamond Flattening Stone. Used to level the stone to ensure the stone is completely flat.
  • 2 X Edge Guides. One for narrow blades and one for wide blades.
  • 1 X Carry Case with Stone Holder.

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