Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine with Compressor 1.5L

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Torn between gelato and ice cream? Having the Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine with Compressor on your counter lets you do either. Using its two specially designed paddles, you can make pistachio gelato or strawberry ice cream any time with the freshest ingredients. And when the timer goes off, the only thing left to do is to choose whether to enjoy your frozen treat with a cookie or wafer cone.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated ice cream maker with compressor that comes with an ice cream bowl and two paddles to make smooth ice cream and authentic gelato at home
  • Works even without having to freeze your ice cream bowl
  • Equipped with a 60-minute countdown timer and touchpad controls with blue LCD readout
  • Smart 10-minute Keep Cool feature automatically turns when mixing timer has gone off
  • See-through lid lets you check your ice cream progress or add ingredients like fruit, nuts, and chocolate
  • Perfect for making homemade ice cream with flavours of your choice and without preservatives


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