ClickClack Pantry Round Containers 10 Pieces Set

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Let's face it, neatly organized kitchen staples are so satisfying. Keep an eye on stock levels of your essentials like tea, coffee, and other dry ingredients at a glance while they are stored fresh in these ClickClack Pantry Round Containers. Clear, stackable, and airtight, these versatile food storage containers are just the ticket to your dream pantry makeover.

Key Features:

  • Includes variously sized pantry storage containers (two 600ml, one 1L, two 1.6L, two 2.3L, two 3.2L, and one 4L)
  • Designed to keep dry ingredients fresh be it grains, flour, sugar, oats, cookies, or candies
  • Made from BPA-free plastic with clear, transparent walls to allow easy identification of contents at a glance
  • Has pure white lids with easy-open squeeze toggles and flexible underside that expand and contract to create an airtight seal
  • Get more ClickClack Round Containers and spruce up your pantry


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