Chef's Choice Diamond Sharpener For Asian Knives Electric

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Designed to put a factory sharp, 15-degree precision edge on all contemporary Asian style knives, Chinese style cleavers, and the thinner, traditional single-bevel Japanese blades as well as contemporary European/American style knives. The Chef’sChoice Model 316 has two sharpening stages that sharpen the edge at 15 degrees. The first stage hones each side of the edge with fine 100% diamond abrasives. The second stage polishes the edge using ultra-fine 100% diamond abrasives. In both Stage 1 and 2, the left side and the right side of the blade are sharpened separately, which allows the user to hone and polish the traditional single-beveled Japanese blades. The contemporary Japanese blade, Chinese cleavers, and modern European-style knives should be honed and polished on both sides of the blade. The traditional single-bevel Japanese blade must be honed and polished primarily on the front side of the blade, which has the large factory bevel. Using high-precision elastomeric angle guides, the Model 316 will eliminate all the guesswork and provide users with a reliable sharpening method that guarantees a factory quality edge in just minutes.

Key Features:

  • Factory sharp edge for 15-degree steel knives   
  • Thin, razor-sharp edges for effortless food preparation  
  • 2-Stage diamond sharpening for stronger edges and faster results—honing and polishing   
  • Precision guides sharpen at 15 degrees   
  • Resharpen with ultra-fine diamonds—knives last longer
  • For single or double-faceted blades   
  • Create the 15-degree edge on thin Euro/American style knives   
  • Sharpens both straight edge and fine edge knives


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