Bohemia Bar Beer Glass Set Of 4 380ml

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The Bohemia Crystal glassworks is characterized by its automated production and manufacturing of high-quality crystal glass, so-called “crystalline“, without lead application (lead-free crystal). Precisely formed, thin-walled stemware with smooth rims enables to excel even to the finest wines, elegant tumblers accentuate the taste of the other, equally popular drinks. RECOMMENDED CARE AND MAINTAINANCE OF THE GLASS:- It is possible to use a dishwasher for other glass products. In such case, set the dishwasher at a glass-friendly program, at low temperature, and open its door as soon as the washing cycle finishes. Condensed vapors cause harm to glass. Please note that decorated products, whether it be with gold, platinum, or paints, shall not be machine-washed. Wash such a product by hand in lukewarm water, using a soft sponge and a mild, non-aggressive detergent. Treat the glass with a soft cloth after washing. When handling the glass, avoid any contact with hard objects including glass; there is a danger of scratching. Products are not intended to be used for serving hot beverages or in microwave ovens.

Key Features:

  • Made in Europe, Premium Quality Durable Glass
  • Fine polished Rims ensure Smooth Drinking Surface
  • Lead-free Bohemia crystalline machine-blown stemware
  • Gift Box, Dishwasher Safe


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