Bakemaster Non Stick Loose Base Fluted Rectangular Quiche Pan

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Size: 36x13x3.5 #40036
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Bakery quality quiches and flans are virtually assured when you use this Bakemaster Non Stick Loose Base Fluted Rectangular Quiche Pan. Made from heavy-duty carbon steel, it comes with double-layered non-stick coating and a loose base for easy food release. Simply push the flat base up and away from the sides to release your delicious creations then slide onto your serving plate or presentation board.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel to ensure optimum durability
  • Has double layers of PFOA, PTFE, and BPA-free ceramic-reinforced Quantum2 non-stick coating for easy food release and cleaning
  • With fluted edges and removable base to let you unmould your baked goods easily
  • Robust construction allow even heat distribution and retention for precision cooking
  • Ideal for making home-baked quiches, tarts, and flans

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