Avanti Square Food Cover

Size: 30cm #12609
Sale price$6.95


There is nothing worse than seeing the delicious food you've spent hours preparing out on a table with flies landing on it! Invest in an Avanti Square Food Cover and enjoy the convenience (and bragging rights!) of displaying your foods without flies and other insects contaminating it.

The nylon net measures in size so is perfect for covering cakes, nibbles, fruit and other yummies at BBQ'!barware to kitchen tools, Avanti is where high-quality meets high-style.

Key Features:

  • Made from nylon net
  • Protects food from insects and bugs
  • protection radius
  • Able to collapse for easy and compact storage
  • Protect your food from flies and insects
  • Ideal for covering cakes, fruits, dessert and nibbles
  • Designed in easy to store

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