Avanti Shredding Claws Set Of 2

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Shred, Lift, and carve large cuts of meat and poultry effortlessly with the Avanti Meat Claws.
Perfect for Pulling Pork, Shredding Beef and Chicken, Lifting Turkey, Tossing Salads, or Serving Spaghetti, they are significantly faster, safer, and easier at tearing into meat than any Kitchen fork.
Designed for optimum comfort they are shaped like bear paws and act as virtual extensions of your hands to give better control.
Heat Resistant to 250°C they feature six sharp stong claws on each handle that interlock to pull apart cooked meat to tender perfection!

Key Features:

  • Heat resistant to 250°C/450°F
  • Sharp claws make quick work of shredding Pork, Poultry, Beef, and More.
  • Comfortable Handles ensure a firm grip for safe shredding
  • Ideal for lifting and turning roasts and serving shredded meat
  • Multifunctional – they double as pasta or salad servers.
  • Dishwasher Safe 


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