Avanti Groovy Ice Block Mould 6pc

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Turn plain fruit juice into cold treats using this fun six-piece Avanti Groovy Ice Block Mould. Its specially made base keeps your moulds upright while in the freezer and even lets you enjoy one frozen delight at a time. Experiment with different flavours and make summer time more exciting with this popsicle mould from Avanti.

Key Features:

  • Set includes six ice moulds with a tray holder made of BPA-free, sturdy plastic
  • Each handle comes with a nifty drip catcher to prevent melted juices from running down your arm
  • Wipe opening lets you fill each mould easily with milk, juice, cola, or cocktails
  • Mould tray lets you take out one ice pop or frozen treat at a time
  • Perfect for making healthier summer treats, fruit juice popsicles, and frozen yoghurt without preservatives


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